The Tall Islands

  1. Descarga Gaélica
  2. An Danns Elegua
  3. Disfrútalo
  4. Ven Guajira Ven
  5. Fonn
  6. Primavera
  7. Canto Al Tiempo Pt. 2
  8. He Mandhu (Aurel)
  9. Rumba Del Mar
  10. Rolling Road
  11. Canto Al Tiempo Pt. 1
  12. Yo Me Voy II

About the Album

We are proud to the present The Tall Islands, our 5th studio album. To write and rehearse the new material we played a short tour of the Scottish islands, including gigs on Skye, Mull and Lewis.

Right at the end of the tour a gig came in headlining the salsa carnival in Gran Canaria. Going from the cold waters and small village halls of Scotland to a huge open air gig in the Canaries somehow seemed to tie up the tour and reflect who we are as a band.

The time spent together, on the road and water, the places we visited and people we met seems to have resulted in a “rootsier” more folkloric sounding album. Part of this more folkloric sound is that for the first time we have worked on 4 new tracks developed from traditional Scottish Gaelic material, we are very pleased with the way they and all the tracks worked out.

It’s been a long wait but we think it’s been worth it, we hope you enjoy it!