New Album, The Tall Islands, Out now!

Hello. We are proud to the present The Tall Islands, our 5th studio album.

Although live we are still playing hard rocking dance floor filling Celtic salsa, for this recording we wanted to make more of a ‘listening’ album.

We decided to work again with the legendary Scottish producer Calum Malcolm. Over the years Calum has produced some of the best records to come out of Scotland and it was a pleasure to work with him again. To write and rehearse the new material we played a short tour of the Scottish islands, including gigs on Skye, Mull and Lewis. Right at the end of the tour, a gig headlining the salsa carnival in Gran Canaria came in. Going from the cold waters and small village halls of Scotland to a huge open air gig in the Canaries somehow seemed to tie up the tour and reflect who we are as a band.

The time spent together, on the road and water, the places we visited and people we met seems to have resulted in a “rootsier” more folkloric sounding album. Part of this more folkloric sound includes new tracks developed from traditional Scottish Gaelic songs, a first for us. We are very pleased with the way they and all the tracks worked out. We think The Tall Islands is, we hesitate to say, quite a mature sounding album. We have after all been playing together for over 17 years!

You can buy our album in our shop here, or download it through Bandcamp, or iTunes.