Bonjour, we have just returned from an excellent séjour to Quimper in
Brittany. Thanks to the lovely people at the Théatre de Cornouaille who
were all very helpful, hospitable and put on a fantastic night. Thanks to Lau who
played the first half of the concert and of course thanks to all the people who
came along and made it such a wonderful night, Merci!!!
No thanks to the Irish flying minibus company who share a first name with the
fantastic Welsh footballer Mr Giggs. They almost managed to destroy the whole
trip with their by now well known pathetically pedantic money grabbing ways.
In the end half the band had to jump on the Eurostar and then get the
train and taxi to Quimper, we arrived in one piece, just. Some adventure
and well worth it in the end. Next time let the train take the strain!!!